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£420 for all three weekends

£150 per weekend

Before booking a single workshop, please contact me to check availability for that weekend.

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Full price: £150
Price for participants who have already paid £30 deposit: £120
Serena Ramzy - Bristol 2018 – Core 1 Course


“Core 1 Course” by Serena Ramzy is designed to teach vital elements in the foundation of a dancers’ training, increasing her knowledge of movement (technique), rhythm and music. 


A deeper understanding of these 3 key aspects of the dance is essential to all dancers who wish to develop and raise their own ability. This is the foundation, the CORE of the dance!


Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing to the music? At the right time? Correct move to the sound? What should I following the music? What rhythms is this and how do I dance it? What else can I do to this rhythm? Is this the right feel for the music?


If so, here is the course that can clarify these questions for you by giving you the data and techniques that you need to understand and able to apply to your dancing.


Serena will share her knowledge of these 3 key aspects, which was acquired in her 25 years of professional dancing and tutoring all over the globe. Now streamlined for you to understand and accomplish in a few hours what took years to develop.


The course will be divided in 3 sections: Theory, Technique and Practical. You will understand it, drill it and dance it.


There is an optional qualifying level which requires video assessments and passing the materials. These will be done via video recording of students of the assignments and grading by Serena via email.


Time: 24 hours in total. Each session lasts for 4 hours.

Days: 6 Days 3 weekends



Attendance: attending and doing all classes grants attendees a certificate of attendance by Serena Dance School. 


Session 1 (28 April) - Introduction to basic Egyptian dance rhythms. 

Theory, technique and practical.

Session 2  (29 April) - Introduction to the basic principles of Musical Translations, Layers of music.

Theory, technique and practical


Session 3 (16 June) - Classical Choreography.

Understanding classical compositions. 

Theory, technique and practical

Session 4 (17 June) - Drum solos and how they are composed. Phrasing and soloing. How to create dynamic and intricacy. A drum solo choreo by Serena. Theory, technique and practical


Session 5  (1 September) - An introduction to Saidi Folklore 

with a Saidi choreo by Serena.

Theory, technique and practical

Session 6  (2 September) - Final Assessment:  Choreography partially by Serena and partially by each student.

Theory, technique and practical.

© Serena Ramzy 2018

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